How Can Triage Help Your Organization? Triage is a time saving application to reduce case loads of Examiners and labs.  Triage is for the front line,  those that need information now. Many agencies just can’t afford the high costs of forensic tools, which continue to climb each year. Lantern Triage is a low cost solution that bridges the gap for those that normally send phones off for analysis. Triage can easily be placed as a low cost kiosk with minimal investment as compared to higher priced solutions from other companies. With Lantern Triage, Law Enforcement users get access to Lantern Cloud which investigators not only upload and share, data to anyone in the world, but to search their own data or across the entire Cloud for things like Telephone Numbers, Contacts. What Triage Can Do?

  • Mac OS and Windows 10 applications
  • Triage mobile devices by multiple device extraction. Extractions are minutes not hours.
  • Multiple case file viewing on multiple monitors
  • View phone and message data simultaneously
  • Call and message visualization
  • Two extraction modes Android 6+ and iOS 8+ support
  • iCloud triage support
  • HTML reporting, CSV exporting
  • File system export
  • Case file encryption
  • Cloud licensing
  • Call Detail Records geolocation mapping
  • Map from any source!

Triage was developed in the United States All servers are in the United States LANTERN TRIAGE PRICING

Lantern Triage
Mac or Windows
Includes 1 year of Support

  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Windows 10
  • Core i5 or better
  • 8 GB RAM or better


  • Intel Based Mac
  • Mac OS Sierra or better
  • 8GB RAM or better

Latest Version 1.1802.120