Katana Forensics Responds to Challenge

Washington, D.C. – July 25, 2014 – Responding to a direct challenge attacking its standing in the digital forensics industry, Katana Forensics Inc. has made it clear that customers should discount recent claims made by Jonathan Zdziarski at a recent conference.

Speaking at the Hope X Conference on July 18, 2014, Mr. Zdziarski stated he “designed all of the iOS forensics techniques used in law enforcement and commercial products today.”

Sean Morrissey, CEO of Katana Forensics, refuted this assertion, noting, “I created the Lantern tool in 2008, without the input or assistance of Mr. Zdziarski. Katana Forensics has never worked with Mr. Zdziarski in any capacity in designing Lantern, and will not in the future.  Katana Forensics takes issue with this outlandish and misleading statement made to the forensics community.”

Katana Forensics, Inc., based in Washington, DC, is a veteran-owned company.  At Katana, our primary mission is to provide law enforcement, military, and investigative professionals with the absolute best tools possible to ensure you get the critical answers you need. We believe that all levels of law enforcement and business should have access to first class forensics without the high price tag associated with it.

About Katana Forensics

We are a United States and Veteran owned company that understands time is a critical element in your workflow. Lantern presents information in minutes to assist you in securing arrests and convictions. We create our Forensic products to provide the most affordable mobile forensic tool for all levels of law enforcement.