The way Apple has implemented airplane mode in iOS 11 will effect anyone who responds to or handles iOS devices. In the past when you responded to an iOS mobile device the easiest way to stop any remote wiping of an iDevice, was to place the phone into airplane mode.  With IOS 11 this is no longer the case. Now when you place the phone into airplane mode from the control panel, WiFi and bluetooth stays on. Most people have thought that this was a bug in iOS 11, but the bug now after two updates of iOS 11, seems to be a design by Apple.  If you think about it makes sense. Millions of people travel on airlines every day and  have an iDevice while traveling.  So when you board one can be on the phone or playing some kind of media.  Now with the growing usage of wireless head sets and onboard WiFi, cutting off both connections now seems silly. The adverse effect for Law Enforcement is that if you are not aware, and you place the phone into Airplane mode via the control panel and not paying attention, you can mistakenly keep WiFi on and give an avenue for someone to remote wipe the device. Even attempting to do the same thing through the settings on the Phone will not turn off all connections. Everyone is going to have to take a minute and make sure that least WiFi  is turned off before continuing with anything else.

Also true in iOS 11 as with previous versions that if the phone has rebooted you can’t call up control panel and place the device into Airplane mode.  you will have to place the device into a faraday container. Pulling the sim card isn’t going to cut off Wifi. Thankfully the iPhone X still has a nano-sim card still on the phone, In the future it may be possible that the sim card well disappear from Apple Devices.  With the advent of the embedded sim on the Apple Watch. Apple might push to get rid of sims all together. Then faraday containers will be your only option if you can’t use the control panel.

Apple Mobile Devices that can update to iOS 11
Courtesy of Apple
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